Losing Touch

Why is it that the people we lose touch with, or even just lose, seem to be the ones that mean the most to us? I’ve been wanting so badly to hear the voice of a friend I once talked to every night, even if we never met in person. He saved my life simply by being my friend and listening at a time when I believed I had nothing to keep going for.

Thank you Greg, I miss you, more than words can ever say. Wherever you are now, I will always be your friend.

Writer’s Block

Why is it that regardless of how clearly I see what I want to write in my head, that my mind goes blank as soon as I sit down at the computer to type? At this rate, if I am lucky, I will make the best seller list sometime next century.

Anybody listening?

The last few years I have come to the conclusion that no one really talks anymore, at least not about anything truly important. The longer I am online the more I realize that I don’t have many offline friendships. These days they seem harder and harder to find let alone cultivate. The thing I miss most of all is having face to face conversations with someone deeper than idle chit chat. I miss hanging out for hours with someone doing nothing, and talking about ideas, and not just other people. It’s hard not to feel alone when everyday I’m increasingly more surrounded by people who want no more than a quick hello and shallow gossip. Even online, it’s getting lonely in here.